Improper drinking juice, let you fat 12 kg a year


Improper drinking juice, let you fat 12 kg a year

Juice drinks, which are considered to be natural, nutritious, convenient, and delicious, are widely believed to be fruit juices and water. There is no problem with large intakes. I don’t know, drink a can of 500ml juice drink every day, 255cal per time.Years can make you fat 12 kg.

銆€銆€Using fruit juice instead of fruit does not allow you to get enough minerals and vitamins because many of the minerals and vitamins have been lost in the process of making fruit juice.

The only remaining vitamin C is also reduced by the light factor, and most of the juice adds a lot of sugar.

So if you drink a can of juice every day, the high sugar in the juice will cause you to add 12 kilograms a year later.

銆€銆€Suggestion: For the sake of body and health, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is definitely the only rule to maintain the body.

銆€銆€Related reminders: juice drinks are easily contaminated by bacteria, acid production or acid production does not produce gas, resulting in poor taste, in order to extend its shelf life, generally add preservatives such as sorbic acid (potassium) or benzoic acid (sodium),Consumers should not mistaken for organic acids or sodium salts or potassium salts.

銆€銆€In order to distinguish between juice and freshly squeezed juice, introduce the characteristics of some juices – freshly squeezed juice: mechanically convert the processed fruit into a fermented but fermentable juice with the color, flavor and soluble solids of the original fruit pulp.

Freshly squeezed juice can be squeezed and ready to drink, but it should not be placed for too long, otherwise it will be easily deteriorated.

Freshly squeezed juices are generally subdivided in the catering industry, requiring containers to be kept clean and hygienic.

銆€銆€(Restoring) Juice: When the juice is concentrated in the concentrated juice, the water is lost in the same amount as the natural moisture. The product having the color, taste and soluble solid content of the original fruit pulp is marked with 100% juice on the label.

An article containing two or more juices is called a mixed juice.

(Recovery) Juice is divided into two types in the processing process: hot filling and cold filling.

Cold filling requires strict environment, equipment and sanitary conditions, and the filling room must have aseptic conditions.

Therefore, the cold-filled and reconstituted juice maintains the color, flavor and nutrients of the original fruit.

銆€銆€Fruit juice beverage: A juice or mash product prepared by adding water, sugar liquid, sour agent, etc. to fruit juice or concentrated juice, and the juice content of the finished product is not less than 10% (m / v).

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