Tell you the real liposuction surgery


Tell you the real liposuction surgery

According to chemical, biological, histological and anatomical studies, the total number of light cells in the human body is constant and divided into two types: one is the activity that can be metabolized slightly – easy to produce and disappear; the other is storageSexuality – usually related to genetic factors, becomes and hard to disappear; in daily life, we can often see too many people go through dieting, diet pills or physical exercise, more or less can achieve a certain weight losspurpose.

Surgical liposuction is to reduce weight and reshape the shape of the human body by reducing the absolute number of abnormal cells in too many parts.

銆€銆€Preoperative: The drug may have to stop all the drugs unrelated to surgery 2 weeks before your life, especially stop taking aspirin, oral contraceptives, p-blockers, tricyclic antidepressants, weight-loss drugs,Cimetidine and Chinese herbal medicine, so as not to affect the blood coagulation mechanism, the metabolism of anesthetic, leading to bleeding, local anesthetic drug poisoning.

You should inform your doctor in advance if you take any medicine. If you want to prevent the above drugs, you should extend the operation time. When the condition improves, you can consider taking surgery when you stop taking the therapeutic drugs.

Reluctance to perform surgery can cause serious complications and even death.

銆€銆€Preoperative: routine examination is indispensable after the doctor decides to undergo temporary surgery, how can you perform physical examination and laboratory tests, whether the physical condition can undergo surgery, and then confirm the replacement site and the amount of replacement, andThe anesthesia method used and so on.

銆€銆€The antibiotics and sedative drugs should be determined according to the supplementary method used and the method of anesthesia.

Choose a comfortable stretch garment before surgery, with moderate elasticity and long-term wear.

銆€銆€After the end: to wear at least 3 months of elastic clothing after a slight re-finish, partially covered gauze and cotton pad after pressure dressing, gauze and cotton pad should be flat, moderate pressure, pressure to stop bleeding, relieve edema, fix the role of the skin.
The jacket is tight-fitting elastic garment. It is expected to remove the dressing for 48 hours, replace the elastic suit with moderate elasticity, and continue to wear for 3 months.

銆€銆€The “horror” situation that may occur in the “terror” incident before the beauty: 1.

Induration occurs – tiny local rebirth can occur with symptoms such as blood, edema, skin numbness, subcutaneous induration, etc., usually subsided in 1-2 weeks.


Exudate liquid – Leakage of fluid may occur on the day of surgery due to residual swelling of the subcutaneous fluid.

If infiltrating the dressing, add sterile gauze or clean sanitary napkin to the dressing. Do not open the dressing yourself to avoid contaminating the wound.

Can not bathe for 3-5 days, destroying contaminated wounds.


Wear tights for a long time – continue to wear tight-fitting elastic garments for 3-6 months, adjust the pressure of elastic garments according to local conditions.


The skin becomes super sensitive – the skin’s sensory function is abnormal after minor complications, and it is not easy to detect the thermal damage of the skin, prompting the careful use of physical therapy to generate heat.

It has recently been reported that infrared therapeutic devices cause large blisters in the skin after adult complications.


The effect is not good – if you are not satisfied with the expected results, you can correct it again in the first 6 months to 1 year.


Take the “disease” activity – try to do mild activities early, don’t stay in bed all the time.

If the shortening amount is less than 2000 ml, it can be used for daily activities, mental work or light physical labor, and can work as usual without rest.

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