Five Myths About Newborn Baby Care

Five Myths About Newborn Baby Care

First, letting babies sleep all night often heard young parents sigh with relief: It’s really thankful that on the first night home, the baby can be well-behaved and sleep sweetly all night.

The first reaction of a pediatric expert is: oh my god, how can you make your baby sleep like this!

Experts say newborn babies within two weeks cannot sleep all night, and parents must feed the baby every four hours.

  Newborn babies can become dehydrated if they do not get food for a long time.

Moreover, if the baby can sleep for more than eight hours, it is likely that it is suffering from severe jaundice, and the baby is too sleepy to wake himself up to cry and ask for food.

Experts say that a four-hour eating habit should last at least two weeks, and the baby should not sleep all night until the weight of the baby has increased significantly.

  Second, ignore the baby’s feeding requirements Some parents will arrange their baby’s feeding strictly according to the schedule.

Experts say that infants are actually smarter than adults in eating. Whether they are breast-fed infants or infant formula-fed, they know when they are hungry and when they are full.

Parents only need to master the principle of eating every four hours, and it is entirely possible for them to meet their needs earlier.

  Third, bring babies into crowded places. Some parents like to take babies to crowded shopping malls, or have full moon seats for their children.

Experts say this approach is quite wrong. Exposing a young baby to a bacterial environment can easily cause a fever, which is troublesome because the severity of the baby’s fever must be diagnosed by the hospital, but it is more troubleThe thing is, bacteria that infants come into contact with during this period can cause deadly infections.

  Fourth, it is not a good idea to bring a baby into a crowded place in a baby confinement home, but it is also wrong to confine a baby at home for six weeks.

Faced with crying children at home all day, mothers are prone to postpartum depression, which is extremely detrimental to the health of mothers and infants.

Experts suggest that you can often take your newborn to take a walk in a less crowded and better environment, which will not only make the mother happy, but also increase the baby’s immunity.

  Fifth, do not believe in their instincts Although sometimes there are no obvious symptoms, the mother is restless and doubts whether the baby is sick.

Unfortunately, many times they listened to the persuasion of the people around them, thinking that the baby was okay, which delayed sending them to the hospital for treatment.

Experts, mothers must trust their instincts and take the baby to the hospital in time if they suspect the baby is sick.

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