Food therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

Food therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease mostly occurs after the age of 65, and there are more women than men. As the age increases, the incidence rate also gradually increases.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that senile dementia is mostly old and physically weak, exhausted in the five internal organs, kidney yin deficiency, insufficient blood and blood, insufficient heart and kidney, empty medulla, and insufficiency of cerebral veins.Yin and kidney, filling essence and filling the marrow to improve memory, enhance intelligence, eliminate fatigue, and prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.

Choose one of the following diets.


Lamb bone porridge: 1000 grams of lamb bone, 100 grams of rice, fine salt content, 2 stalks of white onion, 3 slices of ginger, 10 grams of lotus rice (ground fine).

Wash the lamb bones, smash them, add decoction with water, replace the water with soup, increase the rice and lotus porridge, mix with fine salt, light onion, ginger when cooked, and serve warm morning and evening.

It can nourish the kidney and replenish the essence, soothe the brain and soothe the nerves, strengthen the bones and strengthen the marrow, and is suitable for senile dementia such as deficiency of kidney essence and insufficient spleen and stomach.


Stewed pig brain of Walnut Shouwu: Walnut kernels, 15 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 6 grams of Gastrodia elata, 1 pair of pig brain, appropriate amount of condiments.

Slice Gastrodia elata, Shouwu bun, pig brain to remove fascia for future use, put water in the pot, Gastrodia elata, walnut, Shouwu, simmer in boiling water, boil pig brain, cook until the brain is cooked, remove the medicine bag, season and take it.

It can fill the viscera and invigorate the body, improve the shape and vitality, nourish the blood and nourish the kidney, and fill the essence with yin. It is suitable for the palpitations caused by the deficiency of the five internal organs in the elderly, insomnia, decreased memory, dementia, forgetfulness, etc.


Fish head stewed with winter mushrooms: 1 head of anchovies, appropriate amount of winter mushrooms, fatty meat and condiments, 3 grams of ginseng powder.

Cut the fish head in half, add scallion, ginger, and cooking wine for 2 hours. Put the fatty meat slices, fish head, and mushrooms in the same pot, add water, salt, steam in the basket to about 30 minutes, and add the shredded cucumber., Green onion, coriander, MSG ginger, sesame powder.

Ke Cong brain eyesight puzzle, suitable for kidney yin deficiency, palpitations caused by inadequate marrow sea, insomnia, unstable gait, blurred vision, dementia, etc.


Pig spinal turtle soup: 200 grams of pig spinal cord, 1 turtle, seasoning.

The turtle is scalded with boiling water, and the carapace, viscera, head, claws, and pig spinal cord are washed and spared. The turtle meat is mixed with green onion and ginger in a pot. After the fire is boiled, the meat is cooked until the turtle meat is cooked., Boil, then add pepper, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, cooking wine, etc., cook and serve.

It can replenish qi and blood, fill kidney essence, strengthen lumbar spine, consonance, and has good tonic effect on senile dementia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and brain atrophy.


Beef jelly: 1 kg of beef, 250 grams of rice wine, 15 grams of yuan meat.

Wash the beef, cut it into small pieces, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with wuhuo, then turn to simmer and cook, take the gravy once an hour, add water and cook again, repeat this four times, and take the gravy four times.Continue to cook about 2000 grams with simmering heat until the gravy is thick, add rice wine, minced meat, and cook until the gravy is thick. Fill the bottle when the heat is off, and serve 1 small cup every night.

It can nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen spleen and appetite, and is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with spleen and stomach deficiency, insufficient heart and blood, forgetfulness and insomnia, weakness and weight loss, and reduced appetite.


White fungus stew: 15 grams of white fungus, 500 grams of refined pork, 10 jujubes.

Soak the fungus, remove the roots, remove impurities, wash, slice the pork, mash it with rock sugar, remove the jujube, and put it in the same pot, add an appropriate amount of water. After the fire is boiled, simmer until the white fungus is make.
It can be used to replenish the stomach and benefit, and is suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, dizziness, fatigue, wheezing, forgetfulness, palpitations, insomnia, and more dreams.


Nourishing the brain and nerves: 2 pairs of pig brain (or cow and sheep brain), 6 grams of Tremella and black fungus, 6 shiitake mushrooms, 3 quail eggs, 2 teaspoons of shouwu juice, salt, MSG and other condiments.

Open the two ears, shiitake mushrooms, wash, shred the two ears, shred the shiitake mushrooms, cook the quail eggs, remove the shells for use, remove the pig brain and fascia, steam them in a pot and chop them, add them to the boiling water and cook thoroughly.Quail eggs, Shouwu juice and condiments, etc., boil and add the right amount of starch to simmer.

It can replenish the brain and eyesight, calm the mind and calm the nerves. It is suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, dry eyes, lack of insomnia, dreams, memory loss, energy concentration and so on.

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