In this way, hydration can be white without whitening products

In this way, hydration can be white without whitening products




Beauty has always been the beauty standard that women are relentlessly pursuing, so there will be countless women asking for whitening, and constantly seeking new whitening products. In fact, the key to whitening is hydration. As long as the hydration process is done, it will naturally become white.

Here will share the whitening experience of netizens, and then tell you the skills of black MM makeup.

  Although the aesthetic viewpoint is more and more diverse, the clear skin is still the mainstream standard for beauty.

After all, covering all three ugliness, having a white face has become the dream of MMs.

How to create a “little black girl” has always been an important beauty thesis, and it is also a difficult problem that every MM must overcome in the pursuit of beauty.

  Netizens personally experience enough water to whiten netizens hdahkk :!

  The MM joined the Whitening Beauty Group and met some like-minded friends, and introduced a beauty salon to consult experts through introduction, and successfully changed the skin and whitened the skin.

First share her whitening experience as follows: First: Five steps to whiten skin.

Cleansing-softening horny-hydrating-whitening and locking-anti-wrinkle sunscreen.

(MM reminder: Be sure to follow the steps!

) Second: Moisturizing is more important than whitening.

(MM reminds that the skin is oily. Pay more attention to it. After washing the face for many years without hydrating, once the skin dries, it will easily absorb more ultraviolet rays, thereby accelerating skin aging and darkening.

) Whitening Step-Step1: Wash your face cleanly, choose a refreshing type with less foam.

  (MM reminds: oily skin can not be used in foamy facial cleanser, it will only make the skin more dehydrated.

) The second step: Tenderize the keratin, replace the traditional Chinese medicine mask that promotes metabolism.

  (MM reminds: The mask that promotes metabolism may be dark just after using it. It does n’t matter. This is because the mask accelerates the metabolism and brings deep melanin to the surface. It will be fine after a while!

) Step3: Hydrating essence and moisturizing mask.

  (MM reminds: This makes the skin more shiny.

) Step 4: Lock the water.

Use a whitening skincare product that contains a lot of Vc and protein.

  (MM reminds: This one is very important.

Step 5: Triple sun protection.

  (MM reminder: Inhibit melanin production, it’s up to this step!


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