Acupuncture can reduce body weight

Acupuncture can reduce body weight

Guide: Not everyone can choose the weight loss method of acupuncture, acupuncture weight loss is a more particular thing, then in the process of weight loss, everyone should pay attention to a lot of things, then people who want to lose weight just wantUnderstand what those people are suitable for acupuncture to lose weight?

What are the taboos of losing weight?

  Should: Most people who are soft auntie, and soft auntie parts.

Compared with hard microblocks, acupuncture weight loss is more suitable for reducing soft microblocks.

Aunt’s soft and hard, you can recognize by touch.

  Doctors believe that hard microblocks are mostly formed from a small age, that is, there are a large number of microcells, and simple acupuncture weight loss cannot reduce the number of microcells, so acupuncture weight loss has little effect on such microblocks.

The soft aunt block is that each adult cell has a large volume, and the effect of acupuncture to lose weight is good and fast.

  Should be: general obesity and abdominal hyperextension.

Because the abdomen is different from the spleen, stomach, and stomach, adjusting the main acupuncture weight loss method has the most significant effect on the abdomen.

  Should: simple obesity.

Obesity is generally divided into simple obesity and secondary obesity.

Simple obesity is simply caused by excessive supplementation and too little metabolism, which can be reduced by acupuncture treatment.

  Secondary obesity is obesity caused by certain diseases. Weight loss through simple acupuncture is ineffective or short-acting. Only by treating the disease itself and blocking too many sources can we really lose weight.

  Avoid: bleeding constitution, patients with hematological diseases, those with problems in blood coagulation mechanism.

Because of acupuncture weight loss, silver needles are directly pierced under the skin to stimulate acupuncture points. Although the eye is small, it is also harmful to some patients with coagulopathy. Therefore, doctors recommend that these patients do not perform any acupuncture treatment.

  Living beauty salons do not have the right to acupuncture weight loss experts said that although compared with taking medicine, liposuction to lose weight, acupuncture has less harm to the human body and adapts to a wide range of people, but blindly performing acupuncture to lose weight will have serious adverse effects.

Because acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine method, the skin must be pierced when applying acupuncture.

According to the law, such invasive behaviors that cause damage when implanted into the human body are medical behaviors. The needle holder must hold a “Physician Qualification Certificate” and “Physician Practice Certificate”, and the place must be in a medical institution; if in a hospitalOutpatient treatment must be approved and filed by the health administrative department.

Therefore, choosing the right and distance body to puncture is the safest way to ensure acupuncture weight loss.

Therefore, those who choose acupuncture to lose weight must go to the distance agency.

  Improper acupuncture may harm internal organs. At present, many aesthetic salons in this city have acupuncture weight loss programs. They often use the slogan “quick weight loss” and “one shot works” to solicit customers, but in fact, in life beauty salonsIt is completely illegal to perform this kind of acupuncture to lose weight here.

Because of improper acupuncture, it can lead to the consequences of visceral damage to the heart, lungs, and liver.

In addition, the silver needles may break the capillaries after being inserted into the acupoints of the human body. Therefore, if the silver needles have not been subjected to sufficient high temperature and high pressure disinfection during repeated use, it is easy for patients to spread blood and hepatitis B diseases.

  Editor’s Note: Because acupuncture is a very professional technique, if JMS wants to choose this way of weight loss, it must find a medical institution at a distance to avoid total losses.

Therefore, acupuncture to lose weight is also a very particular thing!

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