Gym fattening plan


Gym fattening plan

Gym fattening plan Note: At the beginning (the first 3 weeks), you must gradually adapt your body to your rhythm of exercise, so the training is not very specific, not too radical, and directly to the device, so that muscles and joints are easily injured.

銆€銆€Plan by one cycle a week: the first week (because the first time you get up, the muscles in the next few days must be sour, so the first week rests in place) Monday: Jogging (20-40 minutes, you can change to a spinning bike,Don’t care too much, you can take a break and run in the middle.) Pull-ups are starting (it’s hard to start. Just do a few, don’t force them, you can push them below) Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Sit-ups 50銆€銆€Push-ups 50 pull-ups X Friday: Rest Saturday: Jogging Sunday: Resting the second week – the third week Monday: Jogging 40 minutes Pull-ups x Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Sit-ups 50 push-ups 50 pull-ups x weeksFour: Rest Friday: Jogging 40 minutes Pull-ups x Saturday: Sit-ups 50 push-ups 50 pull-ups x Sunday: Rest Tips: Do this push-ups 50, instead of doing a few for each group, totalYou can have 50 or more, but the rest between each group should not be too long. It takes 2 minutes.

This is a good time for every new action, and it can be done just when you start working on the device.

銆€銆€The fourth week – the fifth week of the fourth week began to the fitness center, consider gradually increasing the amount of exercise, when each group is exhausted.

(You can add some instrument movements and use familiar instruments.) Beginning in the fifth week to practice hip (bed press), step on (dumbbell lifting), step on (there is a device that sits down), arm (dumbbell), bellyMuscles, thighs (sitting posture, lifting the thighs, raising the thighs) Main points of attention: to adapt to the equipment practice, pay attention to warm-up before exercise (can jog for 10 minutes, or push-ups 2 groups, etc.) when starting to practice without having to pursueA multi-angle and multi-action exercise in one part (the partial bench press has the action of tilting up and pushing the upper part of the pectoral muscle). One main action can be performed in each part. The bench press action must be protected by jogging for 3-4 times in 1 week.Sit up for 5 weeks, practice 5-6 times, put a workout every time to go to the gym every time, exercise time does not have to be too long, if you don’t run, 1 hour exercise is enough, prolonged meaning is not meaningful.4 groups will be fine.

(Make at least 6 in each group, do your best, don’t strain your muscles and joints) Week 5 – Week 8 Monday: Side view, thigh Tuesday: Step on, step on, arm Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Side view锛屽ぇ鑵裤€€銆€鏄熸湡浜旓細鍓嶅悗锛岃俯韪忥紝鎵嬭噦鍛ㄥ叚锛氫紤鎭懆鏃ワ細浼戞伅绗節鍛ㄧ涔濆懆寮€濮嬶紝灏辫€冭檻姣忎釜閮ㄤ綅鐨勫瑙掑害缁冧範浜嗭紝鐗瑰埆鏄崸鎺紝娣辫共绛夊ぇ閲嶉噺鍔ㄤ綔.

銆€銆€Note: Take 2-3 days off every week. Pay attention to the movements of the upper body and the lower body alternately during training. For example, practice the upper body today and practice the lower body tomorrow.

Running and sit-ups can’t stop, they are all placed in the end of an exercise to pay attention to the exercise, otherwise it is easy to get hurt (recovery is very slow, wasted time, not worth the loss) to talk about nutritional problems.

銆€銆€If you start to make equipment, you can buy protein powder + branched chain amino acid (capsule) + glutamine + creatine as a supplement (these 4 are enough, others are completely unnecessary). The gym is more expensive. There is a 5 on Taobao.Crown or 4 crown shop, you can consider buying Optmont’s brand weight 65KG, height 170, you only need half a spoonful of protein powder per day to a spoonful, others do not add more) sports day after breakfast protein powderHalf a spoonful (15 grams) of branched chain amino acids, half a spoonful of glutamine and creatine (spoon is very small, half a spoonful of 3 grams) half an hour before training, half a spoonful of protein powder training, after bathing, 1 teaspoon of protein powder1 chain amino acid, 1 glutamine and creatine.

銆€銆€The rest day is kept at 2/3.

銆€銆€Protein powder 5 pounds is generally 300-350, the other is uncertain (I don’t exercise much now, only eat protein powder, others don’t eat) If you feel trouble, you can consider buying only muscle-enhancing powder (both mixed)銆傘€€銆€Note that protein powder is eaten more, and calcium loss is more, so drink more milk, at least 2 packs a day.

Amway’s protein powder is soy protein (high female hormone levels)

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