[Eating moringa seeds to diarrhea?

It is important to understand the cause]_diarrhea_causes

[Eating moringa seeds to diarrhea?
It is important to understand the cause]_diarrhea_causes

Many people eat moringa seeds in life because it can help remove bad breath and sober up, but there are also many people who eat moringa seeds and have diarrhea because of its detoxifying and stimulating effects.

Constipation, bad breath, drinking, three high and sub-healthy people are suitable to eat Moringa seeds, people should fully understand this.

First, the reason for diarrhea eating moringa seeds 1, stimulating moringa seeds is nuts, people with weak spleen and stomach or having a weak constitution will feel gastrointestinal upset and cause diarrhea. Some people are better off eating moringa seeds.

It may also be caused by overeating, irritating the stomach and causing diarrhea.

Normal way of eating: 3-5 capsules each morning and evening, peel the white rice grains inside.

If you just start eating, you can take 1-2 capsules at a time, and then slowly increase the dosage.

2. Detox. Some people eat moringa seeds to diarrhea because there is too much toxin accumulation in the body. Moringa seeds have an excellent bowel-clearing effect. It is not difficult to understand diarrhea with moringa seeds. This is a detoxification process.

Second, can I eat Moringa seeds after having diarrhea?

If you have diarrhea due to overeating, you can still reduce the amount.

But if you have diarrhea with just one or a half, you should stop eating immediately.

Third, suitable for people who eat moringa seeds 1. After constipation, the human body generally circulates through the night. The next morning, the toxins and waste in the body are usually excreted through the stool.

However, due to various external factors, some people often have constipation or defecation every few days.

This directly causes the toxins that should have been excreted from the body to be reabsorbed back into the body, causing toxin accumulation.

And eating Moringa seeds can improve constipation and make you defecate easily.

The usage is as follows: 3-5 capsules each morning and evening.

2. The most uncomfortable person who is drunk after drinking is the abuse of stomach pain after vomiting and headache the next morning.

Moringa seeds contain an active ingredient that effectively protects the stomach and accelerates the spread of alcohol.

This minimizes the “disturbance” of drunkenness.

Some people have experimented, drinking alcohol after eating Moringa seeds will increase the amount of alcohol, and no longer feel uncomfortable after being drunk.

(But no matter how you protect it, drinking too much alcohol will still hurt you, so we have always recommended drinking in moderation and not drinking.

) The usage is as follows: 15-30 minutes before drinking, eat 4-5 capsules of Moringa seeds, directly chew and swallow, and then drink a moderate amount of water.

3, the bad breath of people with bad breath will make you feel less confident when approaching people; bad breath will make you feel cold when you are in love with your lover.

In short, bad breath makes you suddenly embarrassed, and everything is hard to tell.

And constipation, too much toxins in the body is an important cause of bad breath.

Moringa seeds can remove toxins and bad breath from the body.

Usage: 3-5 capsules each time in the morning and evening. Drink an appropriate amount of water after eating.

4, three high population (1) Moringa seeds lower blood pressure Moringa seeds are rich in VA, VC, VE, and these three vitamins are called “anti-oxidative iron triangle”.

Specifically, VE can bind free radicals in the body, and free radicals are the culprits that damage cells.

After the free radicals are removed, our blood vessels are clean and unblocked.

VC can soften blood vessels, thereby reducing the impact of blood flow on the vessel wall.

VA is the nutritional component of the mucosa, which protects the vessel walls.

(2) Moringa seeds have high blood lipids and are closely related to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Moringa seeds have natural anticoagulant and lipid-lowering effects, can reduce cholesterol in serum, and improve atherosclerosis.

Experiments have shown that Moringa seeds can reduce serum insulin, phospholipids, triglycerides, ultra-low-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, and atherosclerosis index, while increasing plasma excretion.

(3) Moringa seeds lower blood sugar, moringa seeds lower blood sugar, trace elements such as manganese, chromium, and amino acids such as arginine, lysine, leucine, phenylalanine, etc., can replicate and regulate blood sugar, enhance diabetesDamaged immune system to control complications of diabetes.

At the beginning stage, western medicine cannot be stopped temporarily, pay attention to observe the physical condition every day.

To be effective, pay attention to taboos during taking, eat less sugary, high aunt, pickled foods.Eat 5 Moringa Seeds each morning and evening, crush them directly and swallow them. After eating, you can drink an appropriate amount of water.

5. The sub-healthy state of sub-healthy people is mainly due to the lack of certain elements in the human body, and Moringa seeds are rich in many essential elements of the human body, such as: calcium, iron, vitamins, proteins and so on.

In the early adaptation stage, take 1-3 capsules in the morning and evening, and drink an appropriate amount of water after eating.

After the adaptation period, 5 capsules each morning and evening.

Fourth, people who are not suitable to eat moringa seeds If you have deficiencies in the spleen and stomach, bad heart, respiratory diseases, liver and kidney dysfunction and other physical problems, then it is recommended that you do not eat moringa seeds.

In addition, pregnant women, severe asthma and infants under six months are not recommended to eat.

Fifth, how to choose high-quality moringa seeds1. With the popularity of moringa seeds, more and more moringa seeds are sold on the market. India, Africa, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and other places have moringa seeds.Moringa seeds from India are the best.

2, appearance conditions Moringa seeds are whitish in appearance, not full, and some are even flat and dry, there are no mature seeds, and the nutritional content is greatly discounted.

In particular, the spots on the shell usually come from places where there is too much rain, and distortion occurs during the growth process.

There are also non-uniform particle sizes, indicating that they have not been carefully sieved.

The high-quality moringa seeds have a darker shell, whiter, fuller grains and larger particles.

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