Love incompetence-just give up love?

Love incompetence-just give up love?

On the weekends, I have nowhere to go. I am bored to make myself utterly dull. My mood is so bad that I can kill my pet and become a shameful lonely: because love is incompetent and love is incompetent.Discover any opposite sex or same sex that makes your heart move; you wo n’t be crazy after being single for 20 years; the proverb that thinks “I love you” is “I love your body” or “I love your money” and has nothing to do with the mind;Marriage is considered to reduce the cost of living and satisfy physical or material desires.

  Halogen bulbs: confessions of incompetence (halogen bulbs say to backpackers: small first arrived at the dock, I am not familiar with life, please take care of everything!

) I’m afraid of establishing a close relationship with any woman, I always want to escape.

All the girls I’ve dated are fine, but whether they’re 22 or 30-year-old women, they look to me for the same thing in their anxious look: marriage.

If I ca n’t afford it, I ca n’t delay others.

    The girlfriend I recently met met my opponent.

We wandered along the abyss of love, peeping and thinking, playing “pushing hands”, we all hope that the other party will fall first.

Every time I bit my teeth and wanted to take a step forward, the bloody slash of one arm rushed to my face-whoever loved first, who died first.

The deeper he loves, the worse he dies.

  Love is such a simple game.

(How easy is love to be!

) When I was young, I was very conceited. Every time I was a person who predetermined the rules of the game, every battle would win.

However, now I feel that as soon as a woman finds her goal, she reveals her face and goes straight to the subject. She doesn’t even want to flirt. I’m afraid.

  Ani: Annoy me, ignore me!

  So many people in the city expressed their indifference and lack of passion in different ways and in different tones.

Falling in love with all my heart, this kind of impulse and passion can hardly be found in a group of urban white-collar workers who lament “the sea was difficult for the water.”A ray of light.

The blushing heartbeat tea rice did not think about the pulse of shyness in anticipation, all kinds of emotions are even harder to find in the youth idol dramas with the theme of love, but they are suspicion, wayward, and mostly questioning.

People in reality always have such excuses: work pressure is high, no time, no car, no house, no silver, very depressed, very irritable, and less tired and crooked with me . Jie: The city makes me chooseLian (Xie Jie said to Ani: “Who is drunk?

Don’t believe it, you turn on the flashlight and watch me climb up the beam of light!

“) Among the crowded cement group, the traffic flow is crowded, but how many people really care about you?

People have to live and survive. Many things can only depend on themselves, which deepens the individual’s narcissistic tendency.

Narcissistic people always love themselves more than others. How much selfless love can a person who loves himself only give to his so-called sweetheart?

So love has only become a spice of life, and when both parties need to embellish, they still have to think hard about work and study all aspects of interpersonal relationships in the face of reality.

A full cup cannot hold more water, and a heart full of affairs has no place to hold more non-material spiritual wells.

Find a partner, there is not much room for thinking with him, can only take a ruler to measure all aspects of his conditions, hardware and software are suitable for a love affair, without pulling down.

  Sub-health is a common phenomenon in today’s cities, and decadence and inertia have become the mainstream mentality of contemporary people.

I work hard every day to learn, I just want to find someone to love myself, but where do I want to love others, and I know that love should be both, but do n’t forget that selfishness is also a weakness of human nature.

The commodity economy society, the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and materialists understand that material rules everything.

The mood?

Is the Rose Diamond Candlelight Dinner Romantic?


Hehe, after Yinliang and the energy burnt out, why is it floating in the sea?

  LAPUTA: Love is incompetent (LAPUTA said to the lady: I am willing to spend ten million years waiting for you to bloom in the warm spring sun.

We don’t know that when the outside world is hype “money first”, it is also hype “long live romantic”.

So we thought that love was “the rose that opened in the heavens and earth” and “the most beautiful star in the sky”, so we had “the legend of eternity” and “the vow to die”, but it never taught us what love is, How to love, how to be loved?

Until one day we were told that you can love.

  We were put into a sealed container, rotated in the dizziness of love, using our own way to explore love and being loved, colliding with each other, hurting each other, and the scars of our bodies were only because we never knew love, so some people gave up, some peopleTo escape, someone protects their last expectations with heavy barriers.

Repeated injuries have created indifferent people, and the scars have become mature people.In the end we succeeded, we were accepted by the society, and it suddenly gave us the responsibility and the right to love, but at this time, who will love?

  Love is incompetent. It can never change anything. It is people who should change.

  Kekexili: “Love is incompetent” also needs some ability (Kekexili carries a small bamboo basket, carrying a small flat shoulder, and sells it along the street: “Ancestral immortal medicine, cure all diseases, only one post will work!

“) Don’t want to promise or not to be” incompetent “forever?

I object to this statement.

Love is a short-term behavior, and it is a small-scale peasant economic behavior to associate it with marriage. Love itself is a feeling and an impulse. It is completely different from the short marriage between the parents of Chaimi Youyan.

  The social security system is becoming more and more perfect, and it provides each individual with more freedom and broad space.

Everyone has the right to maintain a more complete self. Sacrifice and accommodation are incompatible with the modern spirit.

There are a lot of friends around me who are unwilling to commit to life and unwilling to marry. They are actually very nice people.

They are called “loveless”.

They can maintain a state of freedom and freedom, and they can choose their own city and way of life. These people have their own skills, higher education and higher income, and they are a relatively capable group.

“Love incompetence” requires conditions, and those who can survive have the ability to choose such a state of life.

  Gentle little demon: Lonely people are shameful, but I have no choice (Lonely, lonely, unconscious people, I have to apply yellow flowers to the mirror and give myself a smile.

) When the sun struck me, I had to open my eyes. The clock inside showed that it was 10 am.

The accumulation of tiredness for a week gradually reduced this deep sensation and disappeared. The next two days belonged to me. The weekend is a holiday for office workers like me. I can do my own thing as I want.

So what do you do?

I thought about all kinds of gadgets in a relaxed state of mind, but found nothing interesting.

It is boring to do anything by yourself.

  One’s life has been a long time.

I have been alone since the last love ended, and that love was four years ago.

Suddenly I was surprised to find that I had never been in love for four years.

Four years of golden love season, why didn’t I think about loving someone in the past?

  I was shocked for a moment, because I found out in great panic-in fact, I can’t love anymore, and no one is adorable-I have been around for so many times that no one is willing to fall in love with love and no one canNever tire of it all my life!

Never again sigh for a beautiful story, never wait in the corridor for a beautiful boy for a day.

It seems that after the age of being emotional, the mentality gradually matures. When dealing with people, conditional reflexes seem to account for more or less than paying, and then do not want to sacrifice too much self for each other, because I will weigh every point.There is no return on the effort.

I long for warmth and fear of injury. I have more reason and less sensitivity.

It’s really hard to have passion and impulse to love a person wholeheartedly. In the comparison, there is no story of injury and the ability to love each other.

I became a person who I originally despised, a person who was incompetent.

  On weekends, I have nowhere to go, and I am bored to make myself utterly dark, and I am so bad that I can kill my pet and become a shameful lonely person.

But to protect myself, I seem to have no choice but to be alone.

  Backpack Rat Tips: Viagra is ineffective against love incompetence (Backpack Rats can’t bear to keep everyone “incompetent”, here is the gymnastics for love ability training, let’s say goodbye to “incompetence” together.


Think about your first love and see if there is that kind of excitement. If you have, you often remember that mood, appreciate the reasons that excite you, and then try to find a suitable person by that standard.And date him and slowly cultivate a feeling of love.


Look around, choose the one who is interested in you and you think is the best, try to date him for a week, think of his advantages over 10, then write it on paper and meditate three times a day.


Call for affection.

If you are too embarrassed, you can call him at least twice a day in the form of casual chat, and the stupid person will finally understand your feelings of shame.


Even if you are a serious or even boring person, you can unexpectedly write a love letter to him, regardless of the form, but the words are correct and sincere, and you should not be too rhetorical, and write all the difficult words to him.   5,

Take the time to read the classic love novels and find some original love between men and women in the book. Don’t think that it is out of fashion. You must know that “classic” is always closer to the truth than fashion.

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