Active index finger can reach the stomach

Active index finger can reach the stomach

Thumb corresponds to the lung meridian; index finger corresponds to the large intestine meridian, which can reflect the status of the stomach, intestines, and digestive organs; middle finger corresponds to the pericardial meridian, which reflects the features of the five senses, the liver;The small intestine meridian reflects the condition of the kidneys and circulatory system.

Massaging or pressing these points can alleviate systemic diseases.


Cross your fingers and move your wrists hard 1?
2 minutes, with the fingers between the fingers, pull out, and repeat 10?
20 times.


Use your right thumb and index finger to pinch each finger of the left hand, then use your left thumb and index finger to pinch your right finger, twist the interphalangeal joint and shake, and repeat 3?
5 times.


Hold your fists firmly, then spread your fingers one by one, trying to stretch backwards, making the fingers fan-shaped.


Pull each finger of the other hand firmly with one hand, pulling alternately with each other.

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