Creatine for fitness purposes

Creatine for fitness purposes

In fitness clubs, people always hear about creatine. What does creatine do?

When should I eat better?

Before or after training?

Yang Zeyi, director of the China Sports Nutrition Food Branch, told us: Creatine (creatine) is made of arginine (arginine), glycine (glycine) and methionine (methionine), protein, amino acids, synthesis, creatineIn the body, it can synthesize creatine phosphate with phosphoric acid, which is an energy substance in the body.

Creatine can be synthesized by the body or taken from food.

Not only does it provide energy quickly and accelerate fatigue recovery, it also increases strength and muscles.

Therefore, creatine as a safe and effective sports nutrition food is loved by the majority of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  The consumption of creatine varies according to the purpose of fitness.

If the purpose is to increase physical fitness and increase explosive power, you can choose to take creatine in small doses, 1-3 g / day, 30 to 60 minutes before exercise, which can increase the amount of energy substances in the body; if the purpose of fitness is to build muscle,To improve muscle strength, you need to use a cyclical eating method: the first use is the impact amount, 20 g / day, for 5-7 consecutive days, and then the maintenance amount, 3-5 g / day, for 8-12 weeks, can be used inTake before or after training, and then choose to cycle again according to the fitness effect.

  On days when you are not training, you should take a sustained amount of creatine to ensure your body’s creatine levels.

It should be noted that taking creatine is best brewed with a sugary beverage, which is conducive to the absorption of creatine, which can greatly improve the use of creatine, and thus achieve more results with less effort.

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