26 keywords reveal new whitening elements

26 keywords reveal new whitening elements

Whitening is an eternal theme, and it is the standard for MMs to follow beauty.

As the so-called “one white covers three ugliness”, who wouldn’t want to have whitening snow muscles by nature to cover the skin’s deficiencies.

Quietly added too many elements that make the whitening series more comprehensive and detailed, as well as novel and fun products, so that the original boring whitening can be fully developed, we will reveal the secret of the new elements from 26 keywords. AsiaAsian cosmetics counters in Europe and the United States rarely open traces of whitening products. While French people are trying to tan themselves, we are trying to make them whiter, so whitening products are developed specifically for Asian skin.

  Basic makeup people who don’t like makeup, can use skin tone-adjusting cream or skin tone correction products to create good skin. No need to apply foundation or wipe a lot of powder, simple absorption can make the skin appear transparent and fair. It isThe first step in makeup is the last step in skin care.

  There is an internal connection between the pressure of corn mint and the skin, and the precipitation of melanin on the surface of the skin will increase the pressure and intensify.

Peppermint extract can interfere with the precipitation of this pigment under stress conditions, and has strong adaptability, which can also be used by people with sensitive skin.

  Diamond Diamond Whitening’s 4C success rules are prevention of color, crushing and blocking, cutting and interception, clarification and purification.

It means that after using whitening products, various ingredients block and reduce melanin production from different aspects, but sun protection, freckle removal, skin adjustment and other steps are also essential.

  Essential’s most important step Essence is part of the whitening series. It concentrates the scientific research strength of the brand and the essence of various active ingredients. Although it is expensive, it is still a must-buy item.

You can choose serums of different thicknesses according to your preferences.

  Free Radicals Ultraviolet radiation can cause free radical reactions in the body. It can oxidize cytotoxicity and destroy cells. It can also accelerate cell growth and cause rapid skin deterioration.

But the free radical reaction can only last one or more days. We have extra time to repair with whitening night cream at night and strengthen the protection during the day.

  Grape Seed Extract Grape Seed Extract is a very effective antioxidant that can soothe the skin, reduce allergic reactions caused by sun exposure, and also promote the production of bone collagen, making the skin look firmer and more effective.Whitening aids in whitening products.

  Healthy skin is the biggest victim of excessive stress and poor physical condition. All whitening products must ensure that the skin can be used under normal metabolism, otherwise no amount of whitening will be useful.

Excessive whitening products not only control the amount of melanin produced inside the skin, but also add salicylic acid, AHA and other ingredients that promote skin aging and keratinous displacement.

  Individual PaCKing individual packaging using a traditional tubular whitening mask may cause the amount of each time is not fixed, and the active ingredients in the mask may be deteriorated by alternating exposure to air.

This year, major brands have launched individually packaged cream-like intensive care products and cotton facial masks, so that each use is guaranteed, and the products used each time are guaranteed to be absolutely fresh.

  Jel Gel Beauty Patch has become a highlight of topical whitening care products through the increasingly humanized hydrogel structure mini beauty patch through the design concept of whitening products.

Applying a cosmetic patch to the spotted area can prevent the initial active ingredients from evaporating from the skin surface.

  Key factors for keywords In addition to various efficient and sophisticated whitening ingredients, the price of whitening products has also become a key factor when we buy products.

Looking at the increasing prices, we must admit that whitening does come at a high price.

  In addition to basic cleaning products, lotions, creams / liquids, serums, and masks, the whitening is very detailed. You can choose a cream, sunscreen, and light spot pen according to your situation and budget, Eye cream, powder, intensive care serum, makeup remover and other whitening products.

  Moisturizing Traditional whitening products focus only on whitening, but ignore moisturizing. Although the length is fair after use, it still feels tight.

The whitening masks now available, both peel-off and cotton, have both moisturizing effect and whitening and moisturizing.

  Nude matte whitening foundation and foundation should give your makeup a natural smooth matte effect.

This year, more whitening makeup products have the effect of adjusting light refraction to modify the skin tone, and will not make the skin feel white or shiny after using the foundation.

  Oceanic, LA MER, known for its seaweed, uses ocean power for whitening and repairing.

Even though the Ocean Whitening series she launched last year is very expensive, it can’t resist people’s admiration for the essence of marine enzymes, making it repeatedly out of stock.

This kind of whitening energy, mainly from bioceramic white coral, is still hot this year.

  Pigmentation The traditional way to deal with pigmentation is to mask and fade.

The highlight of this year’s spot repair gel is the shortened mask feature. Use the applicator to apply the spot gel to the stained area and peel it off after ten minutes to take away the melanin on the surface of the skin.

  Quantitative whitening and aging whitening shows its effective time is 28 days, so if you want to obtain a significant whitening effect, it is recommended that whitening maintenance should be continued for at least 8 weeks.

However, there are some products that can make you white in a short period of time, and you can see the effect in about 15 days.

  Repair Repair repair has always been the focus of whitening.

The focus of DIOR is the E-Cadherinaccel complex extracted from citrus peel, which can promote the metabolism of keratinocytes, thereby accelerating the excretion of melanin.

Estee Lauder Crystal Brightening Detoxifying Mask is added with alabaster micro powder to purify the skin while taking away excess oil.

  Sleep Lets melanin sleep Let active melanin sleep is a new approach to combat it this year.

The daffodil bulb essence puts the melanin-producing pigment mother cells into a sleep state, which translates into a message that triggers pigmentation and whitens the skin.  Tinge’s light smell Few people now like skin care products with strong aromas, and whitening products have gradually become lighter. For example, the whitening series of Dior and CHANEL are mainly elegant floral fragrances, which are light but extremely comfortable.Give your sense of smell a relaxing experience.

  UVA UVB UV sunscreen is the most basic skin care point for whitening. If you always forget to apply a barrier cream, sunscreen, or feel too troublesome, you can choose a day cream or day lotion with SPF index.

  Vitamin C Vitamin C This year, many brands still use traditional whitening ingredients, pure vitamin C, as the main component of whitening products.

How to obtain more pure vitamin C and maintain its vitality without irritating the skin is the place to test the technology of various brands.

RHG3 complex essence has higher whitening ability than Kojic acid or Vitamin C.

  Wrinkle Wrinkle CLINIQUE’s new ultra-whitening firming repair serum has whitening and anti-aging effects. It mainly contains 10% vitamin C essence, which whitens and repairs the collagen structure of the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

  In addition to eXtre’s face and so-called whitening, the hands also need to be carefully cared for.

Use whitening hand cream to let your hands taste the essence of whitening products.

  In addition to yellowing the spots and repairing the skin, Yellow also has another effect that cannot be ignored in whitening products is to adjust the skin tone, so that the yellowish skin can also appear white.

Among them, the whitening mask can best exert this effect, and can be used in combination with a moisturizing mask instead.

  ZZZ sleep adequate sleep is conducive to accelerate the discoloration of spots and promote skin self-repair.

The skin that stays up late for a long time is dulled by the slowing of metabolism, the resistance is reduced, and the use of whitening products will also be allergic because the skin cannot adapt to it.

Timely rest is an essential condition for whitening.

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