Eat only kelp leaves?

Kelp root decoction helps lower blood pressure

Eat only kelp leaves?
Kelp root decoction helps lower blood pressure

There are such a group of people whose blood pressure index is 120?
Between 89mmHg, this blood pressure is not in the ideal blood pressure range, but it can’t be considered high blood pressure, so you can’t use high blood pressure drugs to lower blood pressure.

At this time, those in prehypertension can usually eat more kelp root to control blood pressure.

  Everyone usually eats kelp, and they all like to eat kelp leaves. In fact, the pressure-reducing effect of kelp root is more significant.

For people with pre-hypertension, you can wash the kelp root and drink the soup with an appropriate amount of water. You can add some seasonings according to your taste. Of course, you can add a small amount of lean meat to stew the soup.

  From ideal blood pressure to high blood pressure, the change in blood pressure is just the tip of the iceberg. Like high blood pressure, most of the pre-hypertension patients have no obvious symptoms. Some people have symptoms such as headache, bloating, discomfort, and walking on cotton.Humans already have cardiovascular and early kidney damage.

Compared with the ideal blood pressure ratio, the risk of myocardial infarction in prehypertension is high.

7 times, the risk of coronary heart disease is nearly doubled.

Therefore, the complications of hypertension should start from the pre-hypertension period.

  Friends with pre-hypertension should also eat more celery. The effect of celery is to calm the liver and lower blood pressure. The best way to eat it is to use celery to juice. You can use celery to mix kelp root or fried celery fish fillets.

  In addition, there are two acupoints that are important for pre-hypertension care, one is Sanyinjiao and the other is Xingjian.

Pressing these two acupuncture points often can regulate qi and blood, change the state of yin deficiency and yang, make the body’s yin and yang slowly balance, and help prevent the damage of important organs.

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