A spray to eliminate summer skin troubles


A spray to eliminate summer skin troubles

In summer MM’s bag will always have a spray.

Spray is a quick and easy-to-use care product. Most of the previous spray products were used for soothing, desensitization and calming. Now the spray products have skin care effects such as moisturizing, oil control, sun protection, whitening and other ingredients.: The bottle cap is lightly pressed with your finger, and freshness and beauty come to you.

  Right and wrong understanding of moisturizing: Mistakes: 1.

Simply control oil with water.

Oil can form a protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent water from evaporating. However, the skin itself is no longer hydrated. Adding water to the skin will only make the skin peel like the skin of a sun cake, and the puff pastry will decrease.


Moisturizing spray stays on hand.

To achieve a good moisturizing effect, it is not enough to add oil, but it is not necessary to spray water on the dust, because spraying water directly on the end surface will evaporate more, and it will make the skin more dry.

  Right: 1.

Frequent hydration: The body needs frequent hydration, not only drinking water once a day, but drinking it all at once.

Similarly, skin hydration should never expect a bottle of “care sacred product” that can moisturize for 24 hours. In addition to routine moisturizing products, it is best to use a moisturizing mask regularly.When the skin is dry, it is also necessary to replenish skin moisture and oil.


Moisturize first, then lock in: After cleaning your skin in the morning and evening, you should first use moisturizing lotion and moisturizing essence. These products are mainly water and absorb moisturizing ingredients, and then use a moisturizing lotion or cream suitable for your skin.And the grease in the cream can build a water-proof wall for the skin, which can prevent excessive evaporation of water.

  The most common effect of hydrating spray is hydrating.

Toner can also be changed into a spray type. After cleansing, spray evenly on sulfuric acid, then pat it to absorb the moisture quickly, and then apply moisturizing lotion to lock the skin moisture, leaving the skin supple and moisturized all day.

However, it should be noted that when using a moisturizing spray in a dry environment, not only can the skin not absorb enough moisture, but the dry air will absorb the moisture on the skin, making the skin more dry.

Therefore, it is best to use a moisturizing spray in a humid environment, or spray it on the dust and gently pat it a few times, and immediately absorb excess water with a paper towel to prevent its evaporation from taking away moisture from the skin.

  The whitening sunscreen whitening spray contains exactly the same ingredients as the whitening lotion, and the spray form makes it easier for you to use.

The sunscreen spray also makes it very convenient for you to apply it anytime, anywhere. Even on the beach or on the outing, you will get very comprehensive and safe protection.

However, a small amount of the spray is light and easy to be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, it has less sun protection effect than sunscreen lotion and needs to be replenished every 1-2 hours.

  Clean and moisturize When you have a temporary appointment and do not have the condition to clean your face, you can spray a few sprays on your body, and then wipe it gently with a paper towel. After repeated several times, the surface will be cleaned and added.Enough water.

At this time, makeup is applied again, that is, it is easy to apply makeup and not easy to take off.

  Refreshing around 2pm is the easiest time to get sleepy. In this state, not only is the work efficiency not high, but it is also prone to erroneous judgments.

At this time, spray a few mineral sprays, and the cold and dense water molecules immediately moisturize the entire face and drive away sleepiness, which makes people cheer up.

  Exercise soothing After doing sports or outdoors in the summer, the skin will feel hot and sweaty due to a lot of sweating. At this time, spray a few times with a mineral spray on your body and even your body to cool you down immediately.

The hot spring minerals, trace elements, oxygen, and moisture contained in the spray will be quickly and evenly distributed on the skin. While bringing coolness to the skin, it also supplements enough moisture and nutrients to make the skin very moisturized.

  Care Tips 1. Take a few taps after spraying to help the skin absorb it as soon as possible, then apply a moisturizing lotion to lock in moisture.

  2. Do not use ordinary pure water to take the spray, because there is no moisturizing factor, minerals and other additives in ordinary water, so it has no cosmetic effect and makes the skin more dry.

  3, if the spray of water mist is a bit large, you can cover a thin paper towel on the face, so that the water mist will be more uniform.

  4. Although the spray bottle is not as prone to gas explosion as a hair spray bottle, it should still be kept in a high temperature place, because the high temperature will deteriorate the nutrients in the spray.

  Warmth Tips: Choose genuine skin care products at good prices, don’t be greedy for cheap, cheap = imitations or fakes.

Genuine skin care products purchased online generally cost 6?
20% off, 100% fakes below this price.

You can go to the professional website to buy, and some of them (Aibu.com-China’s most professional cosmetics mall) are there for rewards if you buy fakes.

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