Going to sleep is not necessarily a good thing.

“Going to sleep” is not necessarily a good thing.

In modern society where life pressures are increasing, more and more people are insomnia.
Sleeping incense can be said to be a rare realm. Those who sleep fast and sleep until dawn are especially envied.
But according to a report on May 11th by the US 鈥淒aily Science鈥?website, a recent study by Emory University in the United States showed that a significant proportion of people who fall asleep too often are accompanied by 鈥渟leep breathing鈥? which may cause an increase in blood pressure., thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.
銆€銆€As the saying goes, “Spring is sleepy in autumn and there is no summer snoring, and winter is not awake.”
Sleep is a necessary process for life, and it is an important part of the body’s recovery, integration and consolidation of memory.
In daily life, those who “fall down and sleep” and “when they feel dawn” are often envied, and having these “sleeping skills” is often regarded as healthy.
But is this really the case?
銆€銆€People go to bed and go to sleep until the brain wave shows sleep. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. The time is too short or too long. It is abnormal symptoms. Too long is the familiar 鈥渟leepless insomnia鈥? but too short.It is often overlooked and misunderstood.
銆€銆€The reality is that “sleeping down” is probably a warning from the body and a precursor to the disease.
銆€銆€A study published by the Taiwan Sleep Medicine Association at the end of May reported that only severe sleep deprivation or certain sleep disorders (such as “sleep apnea” refers to apnea during sleep, usually caused by apneaPeople with mechanical problems in the trachea, and sometimes a precursor to nervous system disorders, have the ability to “go to sleep immediately.”
These people can not only “sleep down” in bed, but even fall asleep while sitting or standing.
銆€銆€Lu Zhenghan, supervisor of the Taiwan Sleep Medicine Association, said that in Taiwan, the prevalence of sleep apnea is about 3%, but most patients do not know.
When the disease lasts for a long time, I come to the sleep clinic to seek treatment. At this time, the brain and central nervous system, which have been sleeping for a long time, may have suffered a deeper degree of injury and lost the golden opportunity for early treatment.
銆€銆€Obstructive disease accounts for the big head How does sleep and breathing stop “crack” the nervous system?
American medical doctor Terry.
Yang wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that a clinically defined apnea refers to an interval of at least 10 seconds between two breaths, during which time the body’s blood oxygen saturation declines.
銆€銆€In general, sleep apnea can be divided into three types: central, obstructive, and complex.
The central type means that the brain no longer sends a corresponding signal to the tracheal muscles that control the breathing, causing the breathing to stop; the obstructive type is due to the physical relaxation of the tracheal muscles, narrowing the trachea and temporarily blocking the passage; the mixed type is the first two.the mix of.
The three types of iconic representations are 鈥渟ounds like thunder鈥? Among the three types of sleep-disordered abortions, the most common and highest incidence is obstructive, accounting for 84% of the total cases, central and complex.Only accounted for 0.
4% and 15%.
銆€銆€Interrupted hundreds of times a night. For patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS), the brain senses hypoxia in the body and commands the body to breathe hard, causing a brief wake.
銆€銆€Once awake, the throat is back to tension, the respiratory tract is opened, the breathing returns to normal, and the patient can fall asleep.
But after falling asleep, the throat began to loosen and collapse again, and the degree of breathing force increased, and sleep was interrupted again.
This vicious circle interrupts sleep hundreds of times a night, causing patients to have deep sleep, so people have symptoms of lethargy during the day, which affects work and even causes a car accident.
But most of the time for breathing interruption and waking is very short, and the patient himself does not remember.
銆€銆€In addition to affecting people’s work and life, OSAS is even more terrifying is that it can induce high blood pressure, heart failure, and myocardial infarction.
Michael, chief physician of the Emory University School of Medicine, USA.
Hart’s research supports this view, and his related papers have been published in the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.
銆€銆€Good habits can alleviate illnesses Although patients are eager to get rid of this condition, they should not go to hospital.
Many small advertisements claim to have special effects drugs or advanced instruments to cure OSAS, which is a common sense mistake.
OSAS is a chronic disease that is closely related to lifestyle habits and can be controlled but hard to eradicate.
The American Sleep Medicine Association offers the following general treatment options: maintaining ideal body weight; avoiding alcohol before going to bed, alcohol can inhibit breathing, and the situation of breathing stops after asleep is more frequent; avoid taking sleeping pills, it will inhibit breathing and reduceThe reflection of the laryngeal muscles aggravates the condition; the side-sleeping posture is used because some people only have a breathing stop when lying down, but this method is only effective for some patients; with some drugs that alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion, these drugs can be usedTo expand the nose channel, reduce snoring, but only improve the flow of nasal airflow, can not solve serious snoring or obvious sleep apnea.

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