Experts analyze common carcinogens in life

Experts analyze common carcinogens in life

Home has always been regarded as the safest haven.

Recently, however, the World Health Organization released a comprehensive research report on endocrinology, completed by 16 experts after two years of careful research, and said that household items such as carpets, sofas, appliances, water bottles, toys, credit cards, etc. existBrominated flame retardants, plasticizers, bisphenol A and other 3 types of substances may cause cancer, stress and infertility.

Based on this, we have listed common dangerous goods in the home, and invited authoritative experts to analyze, how to avoid these injuries that cause human injury?

  I. Dangerous goods: PVC flooring, paint and other decoration materials, disposable plastic cups, plastic gloves, toys, raincoats, footwear, shower curtains, credit cards and other daily necessities, packaging bags, plastic wrap and other food packaging, as well as hair spray, lipstick, nailsOil, emulsion and other cosmetics.

  Contained impurities: Plasticizers, also called plasticizers, are used in the production of other plastic products, and are also used in rubber, adhesives, resins, cables and other materials.

It is mainly to increase the softness of the material, and to give it elasticity, making it more durable.

  Harm: Wu Xueyu, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, told reporters that plasticizers have an estrogen-like effect, and large intake may interfere with the human endocrine system.

If it accumulates in the body for a long time, it will cause hormonal imbalances, leading to a decline in human immunity. The most serious is that it will affect reproductive ability, cause children’s gender disorder, and cause precocious puberty in children.

Plasticizers are about to harm human genes and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The liver and urinary system will also be injured, and after the damage, they may be replaced by genes.

Other studies have confirmed that plasticizers can cause cancerous reactions in animals.

  Countermeasures: Wu Xuezheng said that for modern people, it is almost impossible to completely avoid the opening of plasticizers, but there is no need to panic too much. As long as the normal contact, but not excessive use, it will not harm the human body.

  Dong Dong Jinshi, Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association, suggested that plastic products should be used as little as possible, instead of letting children put plastic products in their mouths; it is best not to use plastic bottles for wine and oil.There is a triangle sign on the bottle. The plastic bottle with the number “1” in the triangle is placed in a cool and ventilated place. If the plastic product is marked with “PVC”, it means that it contains phthalates.Pay special attention; when heating in a microwave oven, do not heat it with plastic wrap, especially meat. A large amount of plastic wrap contains phthalates, which will release harmful substances when they come in contact with oil.

  Wang Hongmei, deputy representative of the Environmental Pollution and Health Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, said that the home improvement tried to choose steel-wood furniture and flooring.

When you buy daily products, if you smell an odor, it means that its critical concentration cracks should be decisively discarded.

Zheng Yu, director of the Greenpeace Pollution Prevention Project, reminded that when choosing children’s products, avoid opening PVC materials. Buy too few plastic products that are too soft and too small. Pay particular attention to the pungent “plastic” smell, or feel a little bitGreasy, sticky plastic toys should be selected with care.

  Second, dangerous goods: tableware, water bottles, feeding bottles, cans, eyeglasses, mobile phones, computers, shopping receipts, etc.

  Contaminants: Bisphenol A, transformed plastic products become colorless, transparent, durable, drop-resistant, and widely used.

  Harm: Wu Xuechen said that bisphenol A not only causes high blood pressure, but also causes diabetes and kidney disease, and affects high blood pressure, children’s brain development, and even increases the risk of prostate cancer and cancer.

A study from Harvard University in the United States found that bisphenol A will increase the risk of female infertility.

Dong Jinshi pointed out that once bisphenol A is implanted in the human body, it is difficult to break down, and it will be inherited to future generations. It may also mutate and produce new toxic and harmful substances.

  Response: Tang Saizhen, deputy chairman of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association’s degradable plastics professional committee, said that some of the plastic products are really harmful to the human body and have a lot to do with how they are used.

In the daily life, you can pay attention to the following points: Do not use boiling water in plastic cups, because bisphenol A is released only at high temperatures above 100 ° C; do not use hot food in plastic bags to prevent toxic substances from being released at high temperatures, causing chronic poisoning.Do not use colored plastic bags for cooked food, because colored plastic bags are mainly made of recycled plastic and may release harmful substances; microwave heating requires special bowls; new plastic products are soaked in warm water for several days to accelerate the release of residual bisphenolsA and other harmful substances, then reuse; supermarket tickets may also contain such substances, wash your hands after contact.

  Third, dangerous goods: household appliances shells, carpets, paints, sofa cushion fillers, etc.

  Contained fluorine compounds: Brominated flame retardant, a general term for bromine-containing organic compounds. Used as a flame retardant, it is mainly applied to the surface of objects to prevent them from catching fire due to overheating.

  Hazard: It is good intention to add flame retardants to prevent fires, but if the flame retardants are harmful to the human body, it may be worth the money.

As a common impurity, brominated flame retardants are highly persistent and easily accumulate in the human body. They can interfere with the human endocrine, immune and nervous systems, cause children to be overactive, have difficulty learning, and cause adult sperm quality and infertility.Infertility.

Brominated flame retardants are about to release carcinogens when burned.

  Response measures: Professor Wang Yingxi of the College of Chemistry of Hubei University said that it is best to use phosphating flame retardants instead of brominated flame retardants for sofas, curtains, and wallpaper.

At present, Europe has clearly stipulated that the use of brominated flame retardants is not allowed, but to a certain extent, the flame retardant standards are not as strict as those in Europe, and the flame retardant effect of brominated flame retardants is the best, so the city surface still contains bromine.Flame retardant furniture.

When choosing upholstered furniture, consumers try to choose linen and wool fabric products.

If you are worried about hidden dangers, you can keep the room ventilated, or plant orchids and other plants that can absorb bromine.

In addition, sofas and seat cushions are usually made of brominated flame retardants. Once the outer wrapping material is damaged, it should be sewn up immediately.

When buying home appliances, try to choose products that bear the “ROHS” logo (meaning they do not contain most types of brominated flame retardants).

  Finally, Wang Hongmei reminded consumers that in modern life, it is difficult to completely avoid the above substances, but there is no need to panic, because the technology passes, the quality is qualified, and reputable companies will produce and process products according to relevant standards without causing harm to the human body.

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