300 million Chelsea have been unified by a demon Harvey: he is strong enough to go to Barcelona _1

300 million Chelsea were unified by a demon Harvey: he is strong enough to go to Barcelona
Chelsea played against Southampton at home, the Blues occupied more than 60% of the ball control time, the game has 22 shots, but in the end only scored a 1-1 draw.Not to mention that the Blues’ shooters did not bring shooting boots. This weekend, they met a difficult opponent, the Saint’s goalkeeper Foster.  In this game, Chelsea scored a goal in the 11th minute of the game. However, facing Diego Costa, who was unguarded in the goal area, was another header. Foster did nothing.However, in the second half, especially in the last 20 minutes of the game, Foster’s high resistance was blocked, ensuring that the team took 1 point away from Stamford Bridge Stadium.In the 72nd minute, William crossed from the right and Oscar header hit the goal at seven or eight yards from the goal. The ball was subconsciously blocked by the excellent Foster. Then, the Hazard goal area got the ball, FossIn particular, he kept guarding the front goal post and slammed Ahazar’s ball out before crossing the goal line.After 3 minutes, Hazard sent a good pass from the left flank, Oscar formed a single-shot after receiving the ball in the penalty area, or Foster, decisively attacked, blocked Oscar’s imperative shot.Foster and his teammates embraced the game into the final stage, Foster was even more helpless.In the 89th minute, Aspilicueta shot the bottom left corner from outside the penalty area. The ball seemed to be refracted after touching the Southampton defender. Foster responded quickly and saved the ball.OPTA said in a real-time comment: It looks like the ball has been refracted, which makes Foster’s save even better.In the 90th minute, Remy took Cahill’s header ferry, shot in the penalty area, the ball was once again resolved by Foster, and then Terry’s supplementary shot actually hit his teammate Ivanovic.Foster, who was outstanding in the audience, really got the favor of the god of luck.After the game, “Sky Sports” reported on the game with Foster’s star shining, Chelsea was tied, and in the player rating, Foster got the highest score of 8 points in the game, the total value of the team exceededChelsea, 300 million, can be said to be conquered by Foster alone tonight.On Tuesday, Foster is about to usher in his 26th birthday. The best player performance in this game may be his best birthday gift.  This Foster in Southampton was not the Manchester United goalkeeper.The former Manchester United man’s name is Ben Foster, and the name in Southampton is Fraser.Fraser Foster came from Newcastle United’s youth training camp. When he was young, he used to be a low-level team. In 2010, he was loaned to the Scottish giants Celtics.Two years later, he officially transferred to the Celtics, Su Chao’s club paid him a transfer fee of 2.5 million pounds.Last season, he participated in the Champions League with the Celtics. In the game against Barcelona, his performance left a deep impression on his opponent.Barcelona’s central midfielder Harvey said: Although I can’t say that I watch his game every week, but only by his performance when playing against us, he is a world-class goalkeeper.In my opinion, Foster has all the conditions for success in Barcelona. Judging from his excellent performance in the Champions League, there should be many giants wanting him.If it were not for later factors, Foster might actually go to Barcelona. The Daily Express estimated at the time that Foster’s worth should be around 10 million pounds.Last summer, Southampton got the new goalkeeper.  When the Celtics played, Foster was selected to the England team.In November 2013, Foster officially played for England.In the early days, he has played 3 times on behalf of the England team.Facing Manchester City goalkeeper Hart, Foster was born in 1988 and has become a potential candidate.(Bicador)

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