Summer and autumn season, drink four soups, dampness, heat, appetizer


Summer and autumn season, drink four soups, dampness, heat, appetizer

Summer and autumn seasons to drink four soup red bean glutinous rice soup: phlegm and swelling in summer and autumn, the body is easy to accumulate moisture.

For many people, if you eat too little or too salty food in the summer, you will have symptoms of edema.

Therefore, it should be recommended that phlegm dampness and swelling, red bean glutinous rice soup is a good choice.

Chinese medicine believes that red beans have the effect of spleen and water, heat and dehumidification, swelling and detoxification, and glutinous rice can clear away heat and dampness and eliminate edema.

From the perspective of modern nutrition, both red beans and glutinous rice are suitable for the help of diuretic potassium, and also very suitable for people who are prone to edema.

Therefore, people with large moisture and edema in the body can often drink red bean glutinous rice soup.

In addition, kelp winter melon soup, squid winter melon soup, etc. also help to reduce swelling and swelling.

Need to be reminded that people with frequent urination should drink less of this soup.

Radish squid soup: spleen appetizer is affected by the weather, people’s appetite is often not good, how to improve appetite is a topic of concern to many people, at this time does not hinder the drink of a bowl of radish squid soup.

The stew of white radish and squid has the effect of warming the air and spleen and dampness.

This soup is also wonderful on the “two white” ingredients, white radish soaked in milky white fish soup, people look very appetizing.

This soup not only tastes delicious, but also has good nutrition. The squid is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and various trace elements, and is easy to digest and absorb. The white radish belonging to cruciferous vegetables has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

People with loss of appetite can also often drink millet soup, oatmeal soup, hot and sour soup.

Winter melon duck soup: heat and heat from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, winter melon is slightly cold, there is heat and detoxification, water and water, eliminate the trouble of quenching thirst, phlegm and dampness; duck meat cool, can spleen and dampness,Heat and heat.

Winter melon duck soup not only has the effect of clearing heat and cooling heat, but also supplements high-quality protein and multi-vitamins and minerals, which is very suitable for drinking.

Laoya green bean soup, mung bean lotus soup, etc. also help to clear the heat.

Black tea ginger soup: warm air and cold air blowing, eat cold drinks, drink iced drinks. In hot weather, everyone thinks about the law to cool down the heat, but ignores the invasion of cold evil.

Cold evil may accumulate in the body, from the surface into the body, slowly invading the meridians, joints, leading to rheumatism, arthritis, may also make chronic cough up to the winter more serious.

Therefore, during the summer and autumn, we must also pay attention to the cold, I recommend everyone to drink black tea ginger soup.

Ginger has the effect of dispelling cold and dispelling cold, and sweating helps to warm up.

Therefore, ginger and black tea is very effective against cold evil.

When the summer is cold and causes a cold, drink a bowl of black tea ginger soup to help dispel the cold.

Brown sugar ginger soup, red jujube ginger soup, etc. also have a good warm-up effect.

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