Easily lose weight with a jazz dance

Easily lose weight with a jazz dance

Women dance hot jazz dances, accompanied by dynamic music, all show the charm of women, and that hot body.

“Pure Love Jade Girl” Liang Yongqi once wore a black bowler hat and dressed in white clothes to dance jazz on TV. The free and easy steps just made her handsome and easy, which means that the effect of weight loss and shaping is very unusual.

Let’s try it too!

  Action 1 The knees and knees are twisted alternately forward, the body should be relaxed, the upper body swings in the opposite direction, and the arms can swing various shapes naturally.

  Action 2 Straighten the right leg, push the chin, and send the other side of the knee joint. Tighten the waist and chest, fracture the right arm, align the head against the arm, and press the wrist tightly with the left arm. The body can alternate with the rhythm of the musicRotate or turn 360 degrees to repeat the action.

  Action 3 With both feet close together, the knee joint flexes slightly, the legs are tightened tightly, and the right top is pinched. At the same time, feel the power of inserting the thoracolumbar, hug at the same time.

  Action 4 With both legs slightly flexed, the right foot points to the ground, the left leg is forced down to the center of the tail, the abdomen is leaning back, the shoulders are lowered, the forearm is reset, and the upper body tries to twist backwards.

  Action 5 With the legs apart, as wide as shoulders, knee flexion, re-inserting the forearm, reinserting the forearm, tightening the other side of the forearm behind, the fist heart beyond, the head slightly tilted back, rhythmically dancing the body.

Be careful not to tilt your head too far back to prevent cervical spine injuries.

  Action 6 With the legs apart larger than the width of the shoulders, bend your knees, waist, and shoulders relax, raise your forearms, hold your empty fists, relax your head, and swing freely with the rhythm of the music.

  Action 7 With the legs apart, stretch straight and wide at the top, collapse your waist and raise your hips, lean your body forward and twist it, your hands and five fingers apart naturally cross, lift your head and lift up your body to slowly open it. While picking up your upper body, control your middle waist.
This action has a good weight loss effect on the front and waist.

  Tip: Ding-Dong Jazz Dance from the fitness instructor has a small outbreak of small joints and small muscles. These are places where we are not easy to exercise in fitness on a weekdays, and it has a great amount of exercise, which can burn the body slightly.

What needs to be reminded is that when you dance jazz, you must have a sense of integrating music, so that the steps can be naturally smooth.

If you are feeling depressed, you might as well do a jazz dance, it can even shape your body and make you happy.

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