3 steps to make your breasts more beautiful for girls

3 steps to make your breasts more beautiful for girls

Core tip: Women who are naturally dark and plain need not blame themselves. The perfect dark color is definitely not the better. The smart women know how to consciously control their breasts in order to balance the beauty.

  Step 1: Knowing the shape and size of your breasts secret female breasts are mainly related to two aspects: one is the inheritance of congenital, but the development of acquired puberty.

  There is no way to change congenitally, but from the day after tomorrow, when adolescence begins to develop, the hormones in a girl’s body and her own sensitivity will determine her future size.

First, the more hormones there are, the higher some will develop.

The breasts that are too small or too large during development can actually be adjusted by diet. After maturity, the cause of the breasts can even be returned to adolescence.

  Step two: exercise breast clip book breast enhancement: clip the book under both arms, lift your hands forward to flat, hold on until the arm is sour or the book falls, practice multiple times a day.

The thickness of the book varies from person to person, and it is advisable not to feel uncomfortable.

  Analysis: Hold the book under your arm, stretch your waist and chest when you lift your hands forward.

This position helps to strengthen the chest muscles and straighten the buttocks.

  Massage breasts: First apply massage products or moisturizers, and massage in the lower part of the chest in circular motions. The part from the top to the neck can be pushed up from bottom to top and repeated several times.

You can do it for 10 seconds at first, rest for 15 seconds, and then repeat 10 times.

Remember to massage in a circular motion from both sides to the middle during the massage.

Finally, when you massage from the bottom to the top, repeat the upward movement, and be careful not to go down the road after the palm reaches the neck, because it will only make the top and bottom sag.

  Analysis: local pectoral muscle exercise, massage will be more gentle and effective.

It only takes 5 minutes a day.

  Step 3: The compulsory course for top maintenance Our top part of our body is aging.

Both the weight change during the growth period and the slight contraction during production are important factors that accelerate aging.

In addition, the upper part of the shoelace or the most obviously affected by gravity is loose, and you will lose your sexy charm above the sagging chest.

Therefore, after 20 years of age, you should work hard on maintenance.

  Recommendation: Up and down maintenance tapping exercises-promote blood circulation, push fat, shape a beautiful chest shape 1, hands alternately from bottom to top on the lower side, the outer lower side to do the pat, support movement.

  2. The tap is mainly based on the sound of the tap, and the tap is reddish.

  3, and then do the same action on the other side.

  Thoroughly care your chest at least twice a week.

Maybe external breast enhancement creams have no practical effect on expanding your cups, but breast enhancement products containing highly concentrated plant extracts can indeed effectively stimulate cell regeneration.

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