How do couples spend the seven-year itch?

5 tips for getting along with you to help you

How do couples spend the seven-year itch?
5 tips for getting along with you to help you

The seven-year itch is a phenomenon that almost every couple will encounter in their marriage. Some people have already passed safely, and some couples cannot stand the test.

In fact, the seven-year itch is not as difficult as you think. Just taking certain measures can also keep the husband and wife relationship longer.

  So, how can a husband and wife get along peacefully for seven years?

  First of all, remembering some anniversaries does not require me to remember all the important anniversaries, just remember some important anniversaries.

Such as the other party’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc., remember those anniversaries that belong to both of you.

Express your deep love for her on that day, and she will remember your love for her. Women care about these days. If you can remember, this will make her more moved and make life more sweet.

  Second, insist that I love you every day and that I love you.

So, do n’t express your love for each other in a humble manner. Before you go out every day, express your love tenderly and let her feel your heart every day. This will help maintain the couple ‘s feelings and promote close relationships.

  Third, enjoy dating nights irregularly. Dating is not the patent of young people. For couples who have been married for many years, they should go to the cinema to watch a relaxing movie on the weekend, turn off their mobile phones, and pay more attention to each other.Without the noise of the city and the entanglement of work, you can immerse yourself in the world of two people, which is also a kind of happiness.

You can find some good restaurants to drink a little wine, taste some food, and have more communication, which is more conducive to promoting relationships.

  Fourth, the husband and wife must communicate sincerely. If the partner can communicate and communicate with each other every day, then the partner will truly understand romantic love, and the husband and wife’s feelings will become deeper and deeper over time, rather than over time.And become thin.

In a trivial life, this is a good way to keep the mentality and spirit of two people in sync. Spend some time every day, turning off the computer and TV, listening to each other’s mood, and exchanging opinions, so that you can maintain a close relationship.

  Fifth, occasionally create some surprises. Couples have been living for many years. Passing years, their passion slowly diminishes. Therefore, they can create some freshness, and often have some small surprises for each other, send a delicate little gift, or write a warmA small card is also very important, so that your mind can be transmitted. What is important is not what you send, what is important is for the other party to receive your mood and expression.

  All in all, remember some anniversaries, you can remember the sweetness of your first love, from time to time, you can enjoy dating nights, enjoy occasional surprises, and communicate sincerely, so as to maintain the long-term relationship between the couple.

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