Create an animated version of Player One in Picasso style

Create an animated version of “Player One” in Picasso style
Titian Vecellio’s “The Venus of Urbino”.Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”.Picasso’s “The Woman Trying to Hold the Book”.”Two-sided Elvis” by Andy Warhol.Van Gogh’s “Postman Joseph Lulin”.Manet’s “Olympia”.Bazier’s “Portrait of Renoir”.Edward Hope’s “Night Traveler”.Sam Pekin’s “Big Team”.Wu Yusen’s “Across the Sea”.Kurosawa’s “Heart Stick”.Kurosawa’s “Rashomon”.Coppola’s “The Godfather”.Jin Min “Red Pepper”.Quentin Tarantino, “Pulp Fiction.””Batman”.  Using Picasso’s cubist paintings to show the plot of the movie, the crime suspense story is merged into a world famous painting and a classic movie plot. It is called “Picasso’s” Pirates of Dreams “” by fans.Lorard Costic’s animated movie “The Pirates of the Dream”.The film won the 46th Animation Anne Award for best independent animated feature film and best editing.The film will be released internally on November 15.  According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 films and paintings involved in the film, and it uses a variety of music forms such as Polish dance, rock, jazz, symphony and so on.  The director Costic once said that in 2010, the owner of the gallery was inspired by several comics and decided to make a film about painting and art history. It took six and a half years to import inspiration into the work.Among them, he called his movie “Every frame is full of famous examples in the history of visual art.”The Pirates of the Dream” is of course a brain-hole animation with a view of the biology of the film, prompting the director to say that he hopes to let more young people accept and like art through the film.Only with a certain amount of reading and basic knowledge of art can we see more of the director’s intentions beyond the plot line.    Narrative psychoanalysis and crime suspense “Dreaming Dream Team” was found the story of the nightmare doctor Dr. Ruben cured by his four patients.The two parallel lines in the film, on one side are Ruben and stuntman Mimi, star bodyguard Bye Joe, 2D people, and computer hackers to form a stolen painting team, planning to steal 13 pictures that waste Ruben in the dreamThe famous painting seeks to cure Ruben; on the other side is Mike, who is a detective, investigates the case, and he finds that he and Ruben are half-brothers.Afterwards, Mike found the source of Ruben ‘s nightmare in the investigation: Ruben was used by his psychotechnologist father to conduct behavioral psychology experiments since his childhood, eager to train him to become an artist, and watched Ruben in the film roomIn the middle of every 25 frames, one frame is a world famous painting.  The plot of the movie is embedded in a typical psychoanalytic framework. Ruben is trapped in a nightmare because of his father ‘s funeral. The brotherhood has exacerbated the complexity of the dream. The thieves Mimi is only on the photos that Ruben saw during the dayThe character represents the secret desire in Luben’s heart.  The reason why the famous painting tour European classic painting tour said “The Pirates of the Dream” is an animated version of “Number One Player” because it is not only unique in narrative and style, but also added countless famous paintings and movies.Eggs add unlimited viewing pleasure.In the film, Dr. Ruben was invaded by 13 famous paintings in the world, and these paintings were also completely interpreted in the form of cubist animation.  Late at night, Ruben on the train was awakened by a nightmare, and he discovered that there were pictures of famous paintings appearing in his dream.”The Whistling Boy” sat opposite him.”Spanish Princess” begged him for help.In “The Birth of Venus” the goddess becomes an octopus.Mimi ran across a house and paid tribute to Vermeer ‘s “Maid pouring milk”.Mimi’s shot at the bar pays tribute to Monet’s “The Bar of the Goddess Recreation Hall.”Ruben’s T-shirt has “Scream” printed on it, and passersby who were scared by Mimi and Mike have also restored “Scream”.The director almost led the audience around the European art classics.  In addition to the world famous paintings, “The Pirates of the Dream” also has a heavy shadow color.The projection room of Ruben ‘s father is a treasure of the shadows, and the movie posters in it include “Dr. Caligari’s Cabin”, “Great White Shark”, “Blue Sky Envoy” and so on.  The street board is painted with Kurosawa’s classic movie “Rashomon”. When I drove, I saw the dog holding a hand from “Heart Stick”.Mimi’s feet hanging in the sky are paying tribute to “Red Pepper”.Mimi and Mike chased the fight to dance the twists and turns in “Pulp Fiction.”The classic movie “The Godfather” is shown on TV.The humanoid ice cube is the shape of Hitchcock.The dead flies are in the shape of “Batman”.Mimi’s swimsuit is from “The Crocodile Duncan”.The theft scene pays tribute to “Across the Sea”.  Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan

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